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Ho hum, 2013 is getting interesting.

Was ill for a month but am back now. Showreel is complete, and now as Uni is finished for the summer, applying for jobs. So hopefully this summer will see new developments in my acting career.

Have been busy

Sorry I have been so busy at University over the last year plus other family stuff happening I have been remiss in not making an entry. The big event at this time is that my mother died a little while ago, so for the next few weeks I shall not be too involved. However once myself and my fanily are settled I will start looking at my acting life again. Best wishes X

Ok quite a few interesting things happening to me at the moment, got married yesterday! Start my new radio show on Skyline Gold, Tuesday evenings between 10pm and middnight. Have a medieval show to do on Thursday night, so busy, busy, busy!

New jobs

Applied for a couple of jobs today, one is the father of a young girl in hospital (music video), the other is a guy who has lost his long life partner and is completely destroyed. he cannot even think how he can survive in this world without her. Hope they like me.

First post

Well first post to my new Blog, so glad you're reading this (or is it just me)?

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